An app to share and collaborate with students across the entire General Assembly community.

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Research & Problem Statement

In this collaborative project, my General Assembly design group was tasked with designing any product we wanted. Without a direction, we researched our own GA universe to find a problem to solve. After rounds of interviews with instructors, teachers, and staff from across the globe, we found that community and collaboration outside of cohorts were seriously lacking. This application shows our first attempt to address this problem via a pivate platform for students to share snippets of their coursework, as well as find and comment on student work from other disciplines and cities.

Community & Collaboration

Our research showed us that General Assembly's community was a very valuable asset to both students and graduates. However, they thought it could be better supported through technology. It was interesting to us that a tech school that teaches students how to build mobile applications didn't have one themselves. Also, we didn't want to compete with social or professional networks like LinkedIn or facebook. So, we decided to build a collaboration app where students and alums can connect with other students over coursework. 

Feature Prioritization

We could have taken the design a lot of different directions for our MVP. Initially we thought of constructing a tool that combines API's from a lot of third party apps that students use for coursework (Slack, GitHub, Dribbble, Google Docs). After some thought and research, we decided to steer away from a utility based app. The primary reason being: General Assembly is a bootcamp that trains students in the tools of the modern workforce. If we created a proprietary GA app, students would not be using the tools that would be required of them when they graduated.